• Alder lake carp fishery panoramaAlder carp lake
  • Alder lake carp fishery panoramaAlder carp lake panorama.
  • Ard with Alder Lake record 58lbsAlder carp lake record @ 58lbs.
  • Alder lake carp fishery at sunsetAlder carp lake sunset.
  • Alder lake carp fishery in autumn coloursAlder carp lake in autumn.

The lake

10 acres of rich water, depth from 1 to 15ft, fed by two oxygenating streams that keep the fish fighting fit, fishable on 3 sides


The carp

In excess of 200 triploid carp from twenties to fifties (Lake record 58lbs), no breeders so no tiny carp. Mainly Royales, with commons and grassies


The facilities

Cooker & cooler in angling lodge, separate toilet block, shower & toilet block at farm. WiFi available with meal package


Alder lake blog

Date: Jul 11 2020

Title: Catch report 11/7/2020

Summary: Three teens, 14 x 20's, 15 x 30's, 10 x 40's & 1 x fifty between 2 anglers

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Date: Aug 10 2019

Title: Catch report 10/8/19

Summary: 2 x teens, 16 x twenties, 19 x thirties & 2 x forties between two anglers.

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Baitboats are a definite advantage at Alder lake and we recommend to our clients