Catch report 09/05/18

5 x teens, 21 x twenties, 25 x thirties, 4 x forties to two anglers fishing Saturday to Wednesday


4 nights 5/5 to 09/05
Charlie: 2 x teens, 13 x twenties, 15 x thirties, 3 x forties
Josh: 3 x teens, 8 x twenties, 10 x thirties, 1 x forty
{2 new PB's}



Used 50Kg Particle with 10Kg of boilies on big beds of bait
Bright pop-ups and boilie tipped with yellow foam
Regular baiting, fishing very shallow and margins


Great angling, owners very helpful. The lake is amazing very well looked after. The fishing was great and the sizes were big too.

Charlie 40lbsJosh

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