Catch report 07-07-18

10 x twenties, 16 x thirties, 1 x forty & 1 x fifty between 3 anglers


Anthony: 1 x twenty, 5 x thirties, 1 x 50 (51lbs new PB)
Andy: 7 x twenties, 6 x thirties
Karl: 2 x twenties, 5 x thirties, 1 x forty (47lbs new PB)

Bait & Tactics

Bait: CC Moore Line system, Nash strawberry cream, CCM Pacific tuna, CCM Equinox. Plenty of particle from Chris!
Rigs: 6-12" bottom rigs, Hinge pop ups, mono rigs. Hooks 4,5&6 microbarb. Simple common sense rigs will catch plenty of big fish
Tactics: Plenty of food/bait/particles, fish to features, margins, snags, under trees. Silver Birch & West swims, fish to point with pop ups, wafters, 15-20mm boilies topped with plastic corn


Another successful, productive week with of good conditioned, hard fighting fish. Seems to be getting better each year and the weights certainly are!
Once again the food package excelled, I couldn't cook better myself and I can cook! The whole event is excellent value for money.


Anthony 51lbs

Karl 47lbs 4oz

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