Catch report 13/10/18

8 x twenties, 9 x thirties, 4 x forties & 2 x fifties between four anglers


Richard: 1 x twenty, 1 x forty, 1 x fifty (52lbs PB)
Tony: 2 x twenties, 3 x thirties, 1 x forty
Steve: 3 x twenties, 4 x thirties,
Roger: 2 x thirties, 2 x forties, 1 x fifty (54lbs)


Bed of boilies, spomb mix as attractor, PVA mesh on hook


(as left at venue)

"Why not ask what is wanted in the breakfast baguette after all there was only four fishermen."

*Owner's note* We did ask what you did or didn't like on the Saturday and were already accommodating a dislike of egg, beans, tomatoes, garlic, spicy foods and ketchup. 

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