Catch report for the year

62 x teens, 257 x twenties, 425 x thirties, 82 x forties & 8 x fifties

It has been a great year with the carp weights rapidly increasing: 60% of the carp landed were 30lbs and above, well up from 47% last year

It has been a year of extremes with the spring being extremely wet and the rest of the year extremely hot and dry, running well into October.

In total there were 62 x teens (mainly grass carp) 257 x twenties, 425 x thirties, 82 x forties & 8 x fifties.

The average catch per angler has remained very similar to last year at 11.3 carp per angler versus 11.7 last year. This was better than I had thought as I expected the catch to go down as the weights went up.

The best result this year came from John Burnhope who landed 52 carp in a week (3 x teens, 15 x twenties, 27 x thirties, 6 x forties and a fifty!) Well done John.

It's noticable the the top 4 results came from small groups (1 or 2 anglers) who took advantage of our sliding scale for a lake exclusive.

Apart from the very beginning and very end of the season, the lake has fished pretty consistently. In the final week of the season (20 - 27 Oct) the temperatures dropped quite quickly culminating in a major snow storm in central France on 29 Oct - just as we had a few days away!

So congratulations and thank you to all who fished Alder this year. We hope that you have a good 2018 and hope to see you again some time.

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