Catch report 13/04/19

What an amazing week, Paul and James landed 1 x teen, 2 x twenties, 16 x thirties, 27 x forties and 4 x fifties in 6 days fishing (Sat - Fri (0545))


Paul: 1 x teen, 1 x twenty, 15 x thirties, 20 x forties, & 4 x fifties

James: 1 x tench, 1 x twenty, 1 x thirty & 7 forties to 49lbs

Bait: AZ baits

Rigs: Standard bottom rigs

Tactics: fish mainly margins with only light baiting


Lovely lake, perfect surroundings, fish in outstanding condition. Both Chris and Steph are lovely people, very friendly and happy to help you. The venue is stunning, I will be coming back.

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