Catch report 29 June 2019

15 x twenties, 12 x thirties, 6 x forties & 1 x fifty (55lbs) between 3 anglers


Mark: 5 x twenties, 4 x thirties, 3 x forties
Lee: 6 x twenties, 4 x thirties, 1 x forty
Dene: 4 x twenties, 4 x thirties, 2 x forties, 1 x fifty (55lbs)


Bait: Particle, boilies & Pellet
Rigs: Multi & blowback
Tactics: baitboat and spreading bait in swims


It is a great place to fish, the sport's fantastic and the surroundings are beautiful. We've loved every minute apart from the heat (Record breaking temperatures), that didn't put the fish off. All caught PB's Mark 21lb Grass, Lee: 42lb mirror & 29lb Grass, Dene: 55lb mirror

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